The biggest thunderstorm ever

Back in Singapore and I have to say the afternoon was Shakespearean.

Three solid hours of pounding torrential rain and thunder so loud it shook the building. We’re not in Canada anymore, Dorothy – thunderstorms just don’t last for three hours – except here.

The storm was so crazy that phone lines were getting mixed up. I.e. you dialed a number and got a completely different telephone. I found that hard to believe but it happened over and over, and the Singaporeans in the office just shrugged and said, yes that happens in big rains.

On the way home, there was a dead bird on the sidewalk and I swear, it looked like it had been rained to death.

And when I got home, there were pools of water all over the floor. The rain was so hard it came through the cracks in the closed window frames.

The benefit? Um… everything is super green.

One response to “The biggest thunderstorm ever

  1. So aside from everything being super green….what are the benefits to vising Singapore? Cuz it’s not “walking in the rain,” like the brochure says, methinks!

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